Capturing the Illusive Great Airfare

Getting a great airfare is like getting a big high five from the universe – don’t you think? It also makes me feel like I’ve hoodwinked the airlines somehow, which is, of course, ridiculous since they were the ones that posted the fare in the first place. However, as long as the airlines make a big […]

How to Reduce Airport Security Hassles

I’d hate to count how many times I’ve flown in and out of the Atlanta Airport, but let’s just say I know it pretty well.   Even though I’m an experienced traveler, I used to just dread going through security.  I would invariably set the scanner off somehow and they would “wand me down” to within […]

Impossible to Pack Light! Think Again…

Anyone who’s ever traveled with me knows I’m a notoriously light packer.  There’s nothing worse to me than lugging a 49.9 pound suitcase everywhere you go, not to mention the taxi driver’s face when he has to heave that puppy into the trunk.  However, I confess I’ve been caught a few times without some really […]