Active Pursuits

We all know that being in nature renews the spirit and improves well being but, let’s face it, not everyone wants to climb mountains!  We understand this, and that’s why all the active journeys we recommend have a range of options, making them perfect for groups with varying levels of commitment and desire for outdoor pursuits.

Cycling Through 

Seeing a country by bicycle will change your perspective on active travel.  Whether you’re a novice in the saddle, a weekend cyclist or a Tour de France wanna be, we’ll show you a whole new world of adventure, biking style.  Don’t feel like cycling everyday?  No worries!  There’s a fun and interesting list of activities for you to choose from each day.

How ’bout a Hike?

From the redwoods of California to the rocky coastline of Italy, taking in the amazing sights is simple when there’s nothing between you and the ground you’re hiking on. At night, you can look forward to a choice of glamping, bed and breakfast locations or boutique hotels, so your evenings will be as enjoyable as your experience on the trails.

A Little Multi-Sport Action

So just one sport isn’t enough for you?  Outstanding!  We offer journeys that experience nature through multiple activities.  Maybe you’d like a combination of hiking, biking and kayaking.  Maybe white water rafting, rappelling and fishing is more your style.  Whatever floats your boat, there’s a trip for that.

Experience Nature by Horseback

Horseback riding is an absolutely exhilarating experience. Whether it’s riding on tried and trusted trails or trailblazing new routes through mountains and forests, there is nothing quite like it to make you a part of the natural world.  There are journeys designed for every experience level, from novice to expert, allowing everyone to take full advantage of their equestrian adventure.