Looking for a Change? Wellness Travel is for You!

Many people see the words “Wellness Travel” and immediately run the other direction.  This is because there is a huge misconception about what wellness travel is and what it is not.  In simplest terms, wellness travel is an opportunity for you to feel better physically or emotionally than you did before you started your journey.  As a bonus, you get to see some amazing parts of the world and enjoy experiencing everything the area has to offer.  Wellness travel is NOT running a marathon or riding the Tour de France or shaving your head to fit in as you learn to chant with the monks in a Tibetan temple.  Obviously, those are exaggerated examples, but you get the idea.

Maybe it’s a break at a spa retreat, a gentle hike on beautiful mountain trails, cycling to the next town on your itinerary or learning to cook amazing dishes with organic ingredients.  Whatever you choose, taking a wellness vacation has awesome benefits that last much longer than the vacation itself.  The most consistent benefit though, is its ability to change your perspective on life in general.  Who doesn’t need that once in a while?  Check out just a few ways wellness travel can make a change for you.

  • Want to feel better? Step into wellness.  It may feel like a tired refrain, but if you want to feel better, you have to get moving.  We all know this, but doing something about it can be really difficult – especially taking that first step.  Sometimes all we need is the right motivation to get started.   Are you a gardener?  See the blooming tulip fields up-close-and-personal on an easy cycling tour in the Netherlands.  Do you love nature?  Take a gentle kayaking trip down the crystal clear waters of the Suwannee River in Florida. Are you looking to add a little awe in your life?  A glamping adventure through California’s redwood forests is just what the doctor ordered.  Set a goal to actively experience something near and dear to your heart, and you will have taken that difficult first step towards adding exercise as a regular part of your routine.
  • Not sure which end is up these days? Chill out your stressful life.  Did you know that stress accounts for 75-90% of all visits to primary care physicians?  Nope, not kidding.  I won’t go into the reasons for that now, but suffice to say that stopping the cycle of stress hormone release is truly phenomenal for your body.  Have trouble “turning off” the stressful brain cycles?  Not to worry.  There are retreats in some of the most breathtaking locations in the world that can teach you techniques to let go of your stress and give your mind and body a break.  Best of all, you can take these techniques home with you to reduce your stress cycle once back into your regular routine.
  • In a rut? Figure out your next move.   Here’s a news flash – overwork kills your creativity.  It simply shuts down pathways and connections that our brain needs to think creatively.  What to do?  Well, pick out a beautiful spot in the world and carve out the time for a nice vacation.  The latest neuroscience findings show that when we are idle in leisure, our brains are most active.   That’s right.  If you want to get out of a rut in your life, you need to slow down and set your brain free to roam.  You will be amazed at the lightbulbs that will go off about your next move.

Happy Travels!

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  1. Doug
    Doug says:

    Great article! Look forward to seeing the details of all the side trips and onboard wellness activities when you get back!

  2. Mary
    Mary says:

    Surprised at the high percentage of stress related visits to doctors. Reminds us to slow down, relax and travel-well. Very informative article, Dori. Thanks!


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